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Water, water, everywhere

As the nights start to draw in and the weather takes a turn, we can often find ourselves wondering if all those jobs around the house which we’ve been putting off are essential. The last thing any of us fancy doing is rushing up the ladder to fix the gutter, or getting elbow deep trying to remove a clog in the plumbing, but a few simple steps can really help avoid costly repair bills.

So what should you focus on?

According to Morgan Clark Loss Assessors, nearly a third of insurance claims (29%) in the UK are due to ‘escape of water’, so let’s start there. We all know how much damage water can do to your possessions, but long term even the smallest water ingress can cause problems.

How to seal your bath

For a quick win try resealing your bath and sinks. First, remove the old sealant with a sealant remover tool. It has different parts to help you remove it all and clean your surface ready for a new seal.

Toptip to seal your bath: Fill your bath before you apply your new sealant! The extra weight will make sure your seal stays in place when you get in.

Use an appropriate mold resistant sealant, constantly running a smooth bead, slowly along the edges. Then, dab a little washing up liquid on the flat of your thumb, before smoothing the bead to make a tight seal. Leave to dry for at least 24 hours, and you’re done!

Whilst it’s drying, you might find yourself wondering, should I clean my gutters? Well, although it’s not a glamorous job, it’s a very important one. If you are able to safely use a ladder, and the weather isn’t too bad, here’s what you’ll need:

While you’re up there, you should check to see if your gutters are in good condition or if they’re cracked and need replacing. Making sure you have a clear waterflow can help keep the rain outside, where it belongs, and help avoid water dripping through the ceiling. This has the added benefit of making sure there’s no birds or rodents setting up home and causing more damage.

If you don’t fancy going up a ladder and fishing out the dirt from your gutters, we don’t blame you. That’s why when we do it for you, we use a SkyVac. With its built-in camera, we can inspect the condition for you at the same time, and because it doesn’t require a ladder or lengthy setup to use, booking us for a clean is very affordable.

Of course, you might have had something more exciting in mind, like a new wetroom, or a bathroom extension to show off at Christmas, or more realistic goals like replacing an old tap, or fixing a flush, but whatever you want to do, we’re happy to help you get things done and, as always, if in doubt, give us a shout.

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