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Is it time for some kitchen remodelling?

It would be great to have a brand new kitchen ready for Christmas, but is that really feasible? With the average cost of a kitchen refit costing £3500 for labour alone, and the average cost rising to around £10,000 or higher once you factor in new appliances and materials, it’s enough to put anyone off, but we have some handy tips to make sure you only pay for our help when you need to.

A newly renovated kitchen fro Wall2Wall Home Maintenance

So what should you focus on?

Let’s start with some amazing money saving hack FAQs that will make your kitchen feel brand new.

1: Is it a good idea to paint kitchen cupboards?


A tin of paint could see you saving upwards of £300 and feeling like you’re in a new room. You’ll need to get the right paint, which is conveniently labelled as ‘Kitchen Cupboard Paint’ and is usually a gloss or satin finish, making it easy to wipe down, and is resistant to heat, mildew, mould, and water damage.

2: Do I need to replace the sealant in my kitchen?

No doubt!

Just like in your bathroom, dropping a new line of fresh white sealant and regrouting your tiles will work wonders, making everything look fresh and clean. Simply remove the old sealant and grout with a sealant scraper, and use a caulk gun to lay a new line. It is always worth using kitchen specific sealant as it is designed to take the additional heat, moisture, and wear and tear without falling apart.

3: Should I replace my kitchen cabinet handles?

For sure.

Replacing handles will give a new look and feel to your doors, and may take as little work as loosening and tightening a couple of screws, but can dynamically shift the feel of your kitchen.

4: Is it easy to replace kitchen cupboard doors?


Replacing your kitchen cupboard doors is a great start to help breathe life into a tired old kitchen and save you replacing entire cabinets. Your cupboard doors take the brunt of wear and tear from the heat, moisture and movement of a busy kitchen, but your shelves can easily outlast them with a bit of care.

So how do I replace my cabinet doors?

When you first look at the hinges on a cupboard door, they can look a little complicated so let's simplify things. Each set of screws work in tandem to help you fit and adjust the swing of your door, making sure it shuts smoothly. It will take a little practice to finesse, but this helpful diagram should help you get started:

A diagram explaining the function of the screws on a cupboard door hinge

But what about the bigger jobs?

Well this is where you might need a little help from the professionals.

A professional carpenter cutting a worktop with a jigsaw

Can I fit my own worktop?

For sure!

But with expensive materials, you can also make expensive mistakes. Check out our top tips on how to cut materials right every time.

Can I fit my own Electric Oven or Hob?

You can, but it’s best you let us do it for you.

Large appliances use far more electricity than a regular appliance, and unless you’re a trained professional, it is far better to rely on a qualified electrician to check everything is safely earthed, wired and insulated.

Am I allowed to fit my own Gas Hob or Oven?

In a word. No.

We only use GasSafe registered professionals to fit any of your gas appliances making sure they are correctly, and most importantly, safely installed for your use.

A professional electrician fitting a new oven

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